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Our Mission

Urban Ministries has been servicing this community since 1984. The Mission of Clarksville Urban Ministries is to empower individuals and families with access to wholesome food, safe shelter, and an array of trauma-informed services centered upon personal needs while promoting dignity and hope for a more secure future.

The Grace Assistance Program strives to address the ongoing issues of homelessness & poverty in the Clarksville Area. Our goal is not just to meet the needs of today but also to provide a path toward sustainable living for the future. We offer assistance to help low to moderate-income families with emergency utility assistance, food, clothing, prescriptions, local bus passes, financial management & homeless outreach.

The Clarksville Area Urban Ministries Safehouse provides inclusive and trauma-informed advocacy services to Survivors of domestic and sexual violence, including men, women, gender non-binary, LGBTQ+, children, Survivors with disabilities, and Survivors from historically marginalized populations. Services available to non-residential and residential Clients include a 24-hour crisis hotline, Safe Shelter Program, Advocacy, Case Management, Community Education, Information and Referrals, Counseling, and Support Groups.


If you’re interested in volunteering, please sign up to help our neighbors in need.

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Clarksville Area Urban Ministries is committed to fostering hope and supporting our neighbors in need. Together, we can urgently work towards tangible solutions, providing necessary resources within our community.


Our Vision is a better community and a stronger network with community resources.

Grace Assistance Program helps supplement the cost of living to create a more sustainable tomorrow.

SafeHouse provides trauma informed advocacy services to victims of domestic violence.

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