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December, 2021: SEMI-ANNUAL UPDATE


COVID-19 has caused a major health and economic shock, and non-profits such as Clarksville Area Urban Ministries have remained at the forefront of providing essential services for vulnerable individuals and families? Yet, Covid-19 has challenged us, too. In fact, 89% of non-profits had to alter their program delivery or services, but we have stayed open and have served more individuals this year than ever throughout our 37 year history!

And, this is despite the fact that 70% of non-profit organizations experienced a decrease in net income, us included. BUT, we have been so blown away by the generosity of our community and those who continue to boldly step up and give in spite of uncertain circumstances!

As this year comes to a close, why not consider a gift which will have lasting impact? Just last week, we were able to help a family who had the only money they possessed stolen, and their water was about to be turned off. Desperate to buffer their nine-year-old daughter from this reality, they called us and we were able to halt this terrible chain of events.  Humbly offering to pay us back, we were able to say, “Please take that money and use it to give your daughter a gift for Christmas.”

At Clarksville Area Urban Ministries, our missional charge is to provide support and empower people, and YOU can partner with us this holiday season! What a thoughtful idea to donate in the name of your grandchild, or a loved one whose memory you’d like to honor. Simply hit the donate button and put the word “Holly” and the individual’s name next to yours, and we’ll put a personalized holly leaf up in our window in their honor. Or, you can send a check with the same in the memo section.

From all of us at Clarksville Area Urban Ministries, we wish you a holly, jolly Christmas and a blessed New Year!


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