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Warming Shelter

Dear Community Heroes,
Madison Street United Methodist Church and Clarksville Area Urban Ministries are reaching out to our incredible community for a vital mission. We have opened a Warming Shelter to provide a safe haven for unhoused individuals during these cold nights, and we need YOUR help!
🤝 Volunteer Opportunity: Warming Shelter Operation
📍 Location: Madison Street United Methodist Church
🔍 Who We Need: Passionate individuals from ALL backgrounds
No affiliation with the Methodist community is required
Your compassion and dedication are what matter most!
🙏 How You Can Contribute:
Welcoming guests with warmth and empathy
Assisting with basic needs
Creating a supportive and inclusive atmosphere
💡 Why Volunteer?
Make a direct impact on the lives of those in need
Foster a sense of community and togetherness
Be a beacon of hope during challenging times
If you are interested in donating a meal, please call (931) 648-9090 Monday-Friday between 8 AM and Noon or message Clarksville Urban Ministries on Facebook.
Let’s stand together and make a difference! Your commitment can bring comfort and warmth to those who need it most.
Location: Madison Street United Methodist Church
Date: January 12, 2024
Duration: 9 Days